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first way to make gold in WYD is quests. quests? you may ask yes you use a ticket to get into each quest. They give you great exp and good items while inside.  In the quests you kill the boss mobs in there and get items in ur inventory and right click for exp. so i recamend while not doing waters with your academy you are in quests leveling as well. another way to make money is aka (auto attacking- see C.C. tutorial for details.) while you hunt for items as well so pick the monsters wisely you want to hunt the hardest monster you lvl 1-100 u can hunt at armia field,100 – 255 dungeon,255 – 300 underworld and 300 to 400 u can hunting at desert… so..go try to hunting and gets more item to sell…u can use auto trade or sell to npc.. ^ ^



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Hey guys!!

I AM NOW OP FOR HONG KONG  ACADEMY!!!!!!! It has been my WYD dream to be OP and I have now completed it (my next dream is to gets fire tiger and gets strong celes)!

Today I will talk to you about whats its like being OP

So here we go…………………………

You start off your day and log into WYD. I usually say in guild chat Hey guys, whats going on!!!! I usually get a response of  Hey FoR-HuNT,LOL, whats up. Thats one of the things that i love about being OP. Everyone is soooo nice to you and everyone is happy to have a conversation with you at anytime! (Maybe they all just trying to ks my moloch and undead troll at every WATER  PARTY hehe..he)

You then walk around and you get some people who want recruit so you just send there names off and away they go! They then usually ask where to meet and all those type of questions! You litterally FEEL LIKE A STAR.LOL

Then you usually go hunt at scary places like desert.if u wanna join me hunting plz go around at desert sv3 start 0100 GT. i just cc i can sleep….hehehe..but so many pked afk hunting..thats so

Then it gets to that time where you start your shift!

You get tonnes of people spam PARTY ME, PARTY ME for ages untill you eventually party them! You also recruit the new members and they will also spamm you saying RECRUIT PLZ RECRUIT PLZ!!! You then wait for that time when GM kindly sends you the scrolls and a kind shout! D While your  in waters you recieve all sorts of PM’s saying pt me or is water on yet or RECRUIT PLZ RECRUIT PLZ!!! It is hard to finish a conversation when you have millions of spamms going up and down so fast you cant here what someone said! But I guess thats all with becoming OP!

And at the end of the day its the great feeling when you see a little level 1 reach level 100 in 1 waters and to hear them say TY FoR-HuNT VERY MUCH it warms your heart D

So thats what it’s like to be OP for HONG KONG

Hope you have enjoyed! Cya


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hi..thats so feel…

1 vs 1

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wa…1 vs 1… i am strong 😛

ekkeke…that general gv nice drop…like niads,lak,rune box,medal and lock seal…

Hunting Laks…

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Went Taron hunting today. . . lol.  Now I can even afk to get a snack and nothing happens to FoR-HuNT. lol. It so funny as well, how they drop so many gloves. lol. I’m not a person who accessorise with gloves Tarons!!!! lol. Keep your gloves. lol. I just need lak powder.i must long hunting u taron for gets many Lak. lol. Too bad they can’t do anything about your faces though xD lol.k enough for today…see u al again..


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LoL…. wat this…. we are swiming..hehehhe..

New Comrad

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we all 1 team….we ill make strong 1st then fight with my enemy…